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New 2010 Yamaha Spark/Jupiter 115

2010 New Yamaha Spark / Jupiter Z 115

yamaha spark 135 2010 2003 2010 New Yamaha Spark / Jupiter Z 115
2010 New Yamaha Spark / Jupiter Z 115

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2010 New Yamaha Spark / Jupiter Z 115

"This is only the original Jupiter z 2010 115 cc will be different with the old, for the price Launching tend to have slightly increased or increased," he said. The increase or the increase is considered reasonable to Jupiter's newest Z will reportedly be removed-out, ranging from engine capacity increased from 110 cc to 115 cc up to the line and the body design of this 115 cc Yamaha Jupiter Z will also be different from her sister.

In the latest, will apply the double headlamp YMKI Yamaha Spark RX currently in Thailand, but to be sold in Indonesia look nice again. Because if Spark RX in Thailand there are no lights down on the wing, in the latest design which has motors Jupiter wing is different from previous generations will be added to the lighting design with narrowed as Spark or Jupiter MX 135.

This motor itself previously been seen wandering around the factory Yamaha in Pulogadung. However, this is the first time the real face of the motor duck appeared in front of the community through an account held by PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) on the Facebook site.

Also at convey, YMKI deliberately invite customers to come because he was considered as part of Yamaha's consumer products and observers, this community is also believed to help YMKI provide input for new products that enhance the capacity of the engine from 110 cc to 115 cc can be successful in the market.

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